Goshen, NY Severe Storms, Aug 1902


Special to The New York Times.
Goshen, N.Y., Aug. 29. -- This section of country was on Thursday night the centre of a remarkable cloudburst. Blinding sheets of rain fell and the lightning played continuously for two hours.
While the tempest raged two and a half inches of rain fell. Hail was also mingled with the raindrops, and the frightened cattle fought for places of protection beneath the trees.
For an hour after the storm there was passable sleighing. At Otisville, where many people had attended a coaching parade, a panic was created. No fewer than twenty-five places were struck by lightning, and barns containing thousands of dollars' worth of crops were totally destroyed.
Among the places burned or damaged were the barn of JAMES GARLAND, the houses of CHARLES E. HILL, MRS. LONA HODGE, W. C. F. BASTAN, the O. and W. shops, two electric lights plants, all in Middletown, and the barns of ANDREW J. CRAIG in Otisville, of FRANK GIVANS, in New Vernon; ALBERT KNAPP of South Centreville, OLIVER MOORE at Mount Hope, EDWARD POWERS at Franklin Square, and EMMET MAPES at Mapledale. JOHN McKENNEY'S house and the houses of J. R. ATLAN and HENRY J. NICHETS of Brooklyn were badly damaged. The church at New Prospect, the church at Port Jervis, and FRED RUTT'S bottling factory were also damaged. Several head of cattle belonging to HARRY WILLIAMS of Slate Hill and EUGENE GOLDSMITH of Crystal Run were killed.

New York Times New York 1902-08-30