New York, NY Electric Light Co. Explosion, Sept 1905


Boiler of United Electric Light Company of New York Goes to Pieces--Firemen Receive Serious Injuries.

A score of men in the power-house of the United electric light and power company, in East Twenty-ninth street, at New York, had a narrow escape from death Monday night, when a 1600-horse-power boiler exploded, filling the place with blinding, scalding steam. Five of the men were seriously injured and one, Patrick Braday, will probably die. In the room where the explosion occurred are 15 1600-horse-power boilers. Matthew Kerr, the engineer, 12 firemen and half a dozen coal passers were keeping the boilers going, when there came a roar from boiler No. 5.

The next instant the boiler rose in the air and was dashed to fragments. Dazed by the shock and blistered by steam, the men made a wild rush before they were seriously burned. The shock, however, threw down Engineer Kerr. When he staggered to his feet he groped blindly until dragged to the iron door, through which the others had escaped. Then it was discovered that Braday was missing and one of the men dashed back into the scalding steam and stumbled across Braday's body. Braday was dragged out unconscious and terribly scalded. The force of the explosion shook buildings for several blocks around.

Springfield Republican, Springfield, MA 20 Sept 1905