North Beach, NY Tornado, Jul 1900


A tornado hit North Beach at about 3:50 P. M. yesterday. No buildings were blown down, but almost every awning was whipped to ribbons or carried out into the bay. The tents which sheltered the Streets of Cairo show, with the smaller tents adjoining, were blown down, and the canvas was ripped and torn. Felix Hammarnan, the proprietor, in an endeavor to save some of his property, was knocked down and buried under the canvas. He was severely bruised and shaken up and was attended by a physician.

The Bay View Hotel was denuded of awnings and struck by lightning, which ripped out a corner of the building, doing about $100 damage.

John Kohler's moving picture pavilion had a series of drop-curtain arrangements inside. The wind entered one end and passed out the other, wrecking the interior fittings and tearing the curtains to ribbons.

In the bay were anchored a number of yachts belonging to the Williamsburg Yacht Club. When the wind hit them they were whirled about for a time and then most of them capsized and sank. Henry Lorfkirke's sailboat Sapho was at anchor off his hotel. It was sunk by the wind.

Lightning hit the flagpole on Erb's Hotel and shattered it. A bartender was severely injured. He was trying to raise one of the big awnings, when the wind got under it and whipped it from its fastenings. The man was carried into the air clinging to the ropes, and when he let go he fell to the ground, dislocating his shoulder blade and breaking his ankle. He as taken to St. John's Hospital, in Long Island City.

The New York Times, New York, NY 28 Jun 1900