Olean, NY Wagon Shop Fire, Apr 1881

At a little past 8 o'clock Tuesday morning there was an alarm of fire and a hurrying to and fro, as it was announced that inConki's[sic] wagon shop was on fire. The Fountain and Citizens hose companies were prompt to respond, but the H. & L. company had been up all night at the dance and many of them were enjoying repose when the alarm was given. However, there was little cause for anxiety, as the fire, such as there was, was quickly extinguished by those present. The whole excitement was caused by the blowing off of a cap to one of the flues in the boiler at Conklin's shop. The brick work on the top was torn down by the force of the explosion, and the door to the boiler blown open so that the fire escaped and would doubtless have resulted in the burning of the building but for the speedy action of workmen present. The fireman, Peter Robinson, had a narrow escape, as he had only left the engine for a moment at the time of the accident.

The Democrat, Olean, NY 21 Apr 1881