Killbuck, NY House Fire, Sept 1932

Rondinelli unable to explain Fire Cause; says Furniture burned.

JOE RONDINELLI, occupant of the house at Killbuck which was destroyed by fire Monday, after it had been badly damaged in an earlier fire Sunday, declared today he could throw no light on the cause of the fire.
RONDINELLI said he was in Irving, Pa., at the time of the first fire, having been called there by the illness of his mother, and that his wife was at the home of friends here. He returned home Sunday, learned of the fire and saw the agent through whom he had insured his household effects, who told him, RONDINELLI, to leave the furniture there and board up the house. He did this, and what was left was destroyed in the second fire. It was so badly damaged in the first that there was nothing left worth moving, he said, and was left there for the insurance adjuster to inspect.
RONDINELLI rented the house from CHRISTMAS CALABRO of 164 Central avenue last May, he said. The authorities suspect incendiarism in the fire, but RONDINELLI said he knew of no one who would set it on fire.

Salamanca Republican-Press New York 1932-09-07