Montezania, NY Locomotive Explosion, Jul 1857


Three men, on Wednesday week, were instantly killed by the explosion of a locomotive near Montezania, N. Y. The locomotive blew up, and the report was heard three miles. The Suburn American says:
The consequence was appalling. On the engine at the time of the explosion were MR. OSTRANDER, contractor in charge of work, who was blown seventy to eighty feet over the track, down a bank, and into a swamp. He was dreadfully mutilated, and lived but a few minutes. The engineer was thrown about nine rods by the shock, and was killed instantly. He was fearfully mangled. AMBROSE CHRISTIAN, the fireman, was hurled through the air full nine rods and killed instantly. His body was awfully mutilated. The contents of his brain were entirely blown out, and one could look down from the top of his head to his under jaw. He leaves a wife and two children.

The Republican Compiler Pennsylvania 1857-07-20