Brooklyn, NY Trolley Accident on Bridge, Mar 1904


Bridge Accident Victim Dying -- Another Man Hurt in Crowd

Terribly crushed by a trolley car on the Brooklyn Bridge last night while he was on duty, Policeman JAMES J. McHUGH of the bridge squad lies dying in the Brooklyn Hospital. About 8:30 o'clock McHUGH stepped across the trolley tracks on the south roadway to speak to Roundsman SIMONSTAD on the promenade. He was midway between the Brooklyn tower and the anchorage.
Car 2,040 of the Seventh Avenue line came along at a swift clip from Manhattan. McHUGH tried to get away, but the car bore down upon him and crushed him against the stanchions which separate the trolley tracks from those on which the elevated railroad is operated.
Roundsman SIMONSTAD condemned the motorman, LAWRENCE RAPJO, for speeding his car so that he did not have control of it.
In a rush of the crowd at the loop at the Manhattan end of the bridge about 6 o'clock, JAMES FAULKNER, a middle-aged man of 1,481 Gates Avenue, Brooklyn, was crushed against a car. Several of his ribs and his breast bone were fractured. He was severely bruised.

The New York Times New York 1904-03-03