Albany, NY (near) Steamboat ADVOCATE Explosion, May 1835


We learn from the New York Commercial that the steamboat ADVOCATE, which started from Albany on Monday the 4th inst. at 3 o'clock, P.M.
touched at Coeyman's, twelve miles below, to land freight, and while thus engaged at the pier the boiler exploded, the sides of which passed through the ladies cabin, and the goods on board scattered in all directions, and we are sorry to state, that from 12 to 15 persons were scalded, several of whom so badly, that it is not expected that they can survive.
The ADVOCATE was a new, small, double boat, on her third trip, built at Poughkeepsie, purposely to carry passengers and light freight from Catskill to Albany, touching at the intermediate ports.
The De Witt Clinton, left Albany at four o'clock, went to the relief of the ADVOCATE, and took on board a son of MR. PERRY, of Hudson, aged ten or twelve, who was mortally wounded.

Since the above was written we have heard of the names of the following persons, injured in the explosion, viz:
MR. BROUCK, of Coxsakie, very seriously.
Col. BUTLER, of Kinderhook, (brother of the Attorney General,) very seriously.
MR. CALDWELL, slightly.
Master BUSHNELL, slightly.
The Star adds that this boat is on the high-pressure principle, and that the accident was owing to the accumulation of steam in the boilers, while she was lying at the dock.

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