Various Locations, NY Earthquake, Nov 1844


The Journal of Commerce says that on Tuesday morning last a very perceptible shock of an earthquake was experienced in the towns of Alden, Albion, Alexander, Attica, Batavia, Bethany, Darien and Elba. A gentleman from Albion states that about 8 o'clock in the morning, while he was at breakfast, something seemed to strike the side of the house, jarring it all over, rattling the dishes on the table. The sound then passed on with a deep rumbling noise like a car passing over a railroad. At the west end of the town, a large brick house was cracked through in the centre, and some of the stones in the abutments of the canal fell out. MR. FOLLETT, assistant postmaster at Batavia, says the shock was felt there at 7 minutes past 8, and lasted about two seconds. A gentleman from Elba estimates the duration of the shock in that place at half a minute, and describes it as hard enough to jar open several doors. It came apparently from the Southwest, and passed to the Northeast.

The Adams Sentinel Gettysburg Pennsylvania