Kingston, NY train wreck, Dec 1922


200 Tons of Coal Piled up at Albany Avenue Bridge When Wheel Breaks and Derails 8 Cars - O. & W. Terminal Used by U. & D.

Sunday afternoon about 5:40, while the Ulster and Delaware coal train No. 39, eastbound, as proceeding about two rails lengths west of the Albany avenue bridge a wheel on one of the cars near the front of the train broke, piling four of the cars up in the west end of the tunnel and derailing four others. Three of the cars which were piled up in the west end of the tunnel were totally demolished while the other one bing built of steel was only partially demolished. About 200 tons of coal is lying along the ground as a result of the wreck and needless to say it is being watched with the utmost care by employes of the company, while many are viewing it from Albany avenue with what might be described as hungry eyes. About seven lengths of rails on the south side of the track were turned over. It was expected that the wreck would be cleared up sometime around noon today. The U. and D. wrecking outfit was at work, having returned from the West Shore wreck at Coxsackie Saturday.

The Ulster and Delaware milk train was behind the wreck and was switched over to the Ontario and Western tracks and sent to Weehawken by the way of Cornwall. The Ulster and Delaware also used the O. & W. tracks and station this morning for passenger train No. 9.

The Kingston Daily Freeman, Kingston, NY 1 Jan 1923