Buffalo, NY Thunderstorm, May 1824


On Friday morning last, this place was visited by one of the most tremendous thunder storms we ever witnessed. It commenced before one o'clock in the morning, when two heavy clouds, from different points of the heavens, met directly over our village, and filled the air with their united electric explosions. The awful grandeur of the scene is beyond description; the flashes of lightning were so vivid as almost to deprive one of sight, and so rapid in succession as to keep the whole heavens in a seeming blaze, while the tremendous explosion that followed each seemed to shake the very earth. Four buildings within the village, were struck by the lightning, but happily no lives were lost.
MR. G. FOLSOM, whose house was struck, was for a time partially insensible from its effects, but has since recovered. The dwelling of MR. ISAAC KIBBE was also struck, and some lookingglasses were destroyed, and other furniture slightly injured. MR. B. I. STAATS' dwelling constitutes the third building, and was somewhat injured; six persons were sleeping in the room where the floid entered, all of whom escaped injury. A Tannery owned by MR. KETCHUM, is the fourth, and was but slightly damaged. Fortunately, fire was not communicated in either instance. Many trees upon the Indian reservation, were shattered, but we have heard of no loss of lives. Rain in absolue torrents descended the whole time, and several gardens, etc. are much damaged.
Buffalo Journal, June 1.

The Sandusky Clarion Ohio 1824-06-09