New York, NY Factory Fire, Aug 1835


New York, August 25 -- Again we have to record the particulars of a most destructive fire, which broke out last evening about 11 o'clock, in the cellar of the three story brick building, occupied by F. L. SMITH, brush maker, No. 156 Water street, in the upper part of which himself and family resided. The flames spread so rapidly that the inmates were not aware of their danger, until they were enveloped in fire and smoke in their sleeping rooms. Two men, who were among the first that arrived on the spot, after the alarm was given, perceiving the imminent danger in which the family of MR. SMITH was placed, procured two ladders, and lashing them together with their pocket handkerchiefs, succeeded, at the risk of their own lives, in rescuing the two children of MR. SMITH, one a boy about six years of age, who was so much injured that he expired in a few minutes. The other about three years old, a female, was dreadfully burnt, but is still alive. MR. SMITH'S servant jumped from the third story; she broke her leg in the fall. MRS. SMITH was lowered down from the window by her husband, and escaped unhurt, as also did MR. SMITH. An apprentice, whose name we could not ascertain was burnt to death.
No. 158 Water street, soon took fire. It was occupied in part by SWIFT & NICHOLS, wholesale hatters, whose stock was much injured by water, not at all by fire; fully insured. MESSRS. CRAWFORD & READ, wholesale hatters, and who occupied a part of this house, were fully injured. Their stock was much injured by water. But for the untiring exertions of the Fire Department, this building must have been destroyed.
MESSRS. E. & G. W. BLUNT'S Nautical establishment took fire, but was preserved. The valuable part of their stock, chronometers, &c. were removed, and but little damage done to them, except from water. They were amply insured. How this building was preserved cannot be accounted for, as the houses on either side and at the back, were all destroyed.
In Maiden Lane -- No. 131, MR. EDWIN HUNT, cutler. Property destroyed valued at $45,000; insured to the amount of $30,000. Building owned by CALVIN W. HOW, insured.
No. 129, CALVIN W. HOW & Co., house much damaged -- stock to the amount of $75,000 burnt. Insured $50,000.

The Peoples Press Gettysburg Pennsylvania 1835-09-04