Herkimer, NY Train Collision, May 1848


A fearful collision of trains occurred on the Utica railroad, at a point a mile and a quarter west of Herkimer, on Sunday, at 1 P.M.
The down train was running at a moderate speed, the up freight train heavily laden was dashing forward with uprecedented violence. It encountered the passenger train with such force as to uplift the engine and throw it completely on its back, crushing the tender and baggage wagon, and lifting the latter on end so as to let it fall over the telegraph wires, knocking them down. One of the passenger cars was crushed by the one before, which came half way into it.
MR. WM. SMITH, of Herkimer, and MR. WELCH, of Utica, were instantly killed. One of them had his face and head crushed, and the other both legs taken off. MR. BENNET, of Albany, had both legs broken at the thigh, and there is little hope of his recovery. MR. SMITH, of Jefferson, had both legs broken. MR. CRITTENDEN was in the baggage car, and had his head cut in two or three places and was scalded by the water from the engine which was thrown back.
The escape of the passengers in the cars is inexplicable to them. Though the cars were crushed into each other, no one of the passengers inside was seriously hurt -- only those standing on the platform or otherwise exposed.

The Republican Compiller Gettysburg Pennsylvania 1848-05-08