New York City, NY Ferryboat WESTFIELD Explosion, July 1871

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One man, insensible; name unknown.
One girl, insensible, taken from the water.
HENRY FISHER aged sixteen, of No. 166 Wooster Street, badly scalded. Was taken to the New Street Police Station, but there were so many there of the injured that he made his way home unaided. He is attended by his father, who is a physician.
MARGARET McCANN, twenty-five years of age, of No. 92 Christopher Street; badly scalded about the head, face and arm.
HANNAH BROWN, aged thirty-seven, and ANN FOX, aged twenty-eight, both of whom live at No. 54 Atlantic Street, Brooklyn, were slightly scalded.
H. W. WILKES, a merchant, of Louisville, Ky., at the St. Nicholas Hotel; both hands badly scalded.
WM. BARTELS, butcher, Avenue C; scalded face and body; is at his house, between Tenth and Eleventh Streets.
FRANCIS E. CARROLL, Mayor of Syracuse, both hands scalded.
JACOB LEVI, Alderman Syracuse, dislocation left shoulder, left hand scalded.
WM. PHILLIPSON, Syracuse, internal injuries; not serious.
PHILIP ECKEL, Chief Engineer Fire Department, Syracuse, fracture of left arm, both hands badly scalded, contusion of head.
SAMUEL W. SHERLOCK, City Clerk, Syracuse, sprained ankle, injury to the leg.
All of these gentlemen are at the Grand Central Hotel, under charge of Dr. F. W. Fisher, and will all recover.

The Missing.
JOHN ALLMAN, No. 11 Douglass Street, Brooklyn.
PATRICK LANDERS, No. 59 Dean Street, Brooklyn.
MARTIN LANDERS, (son of above.)
MR. ALEXANDER CLARK, of No. 31 Park Row.

Deaths Late Last Night.
The following died in the hospital before midnight:
CHARLES OUCH, a child.
CHRISTINA OUCH, its mother. Both are from Staten Island.
AULEMAN, from Brooklyn.
FANNY RANDALL, lives in Sixth Avenue.
JOHN GERRITY, of Brooklyn.
An unknown man.
An unkonwn woman.
An unknown man.
An unknown man.
An unknown man.
At a late hour last night, at her residence, No. 9 Cannon Street, JULIA RAYNER died.
CHARLES ELSESSER and LOUISA, his wife, at No. 74 First Avenue, and also two children, who died at the Park Hospital.