New York City, NY Ferryboat WESTFIELD Explosion, July 1871

Staten Island NY Westfield disaster.jpg Staten Island NY Westfield disaster 2.jpg

MARY McCOLL, No. 551 West Thirty-fifth Street.
G. R. HOLMAN, Brooklyn.
J. O. MALLEY, No. 37 Jay Street, Brooklyn, (fatal).
SARAH PHILIPS, No. 240 East Forty-fifth Street.
MARRIE HIGGINS, No. 216 Court Street, Brooklyn.
ANNIE KOHL, No. 27 Morris Street.
JANE O'NEAL and child of seven months, No. 34 Cherry Street.
FRED FREIDHOFF, No. 151 Thompson Street.
MRS. FREIDHOFF, Thompson Street.
ANNIE FREIDHOFF, No. 151 Thompson Street.
AMELIA FRIEDHOFF, No. 151 Thompson Street.
MRS. UHLMAN, No. 18 Douglass Street, Brooklyn.
MRS. CHENEVIERE, No. 246 Clinton Street, Brooklyn, (daughter of above).
MARY CHENEVIERE, No. 246 Clinton Street, Brooklyn, (daughter of above).
WILLIAM STEINER, Woodbridge, N.J., (six years.)
MARY MURPHY, No. 18 Desbrosses Street.
JAMES D. CLARK, No. 121 East Twenty-sixth Street.
ELIZA RYDER, No. 329 Madison Street, (eight years old.)
MR. and MRS. CATCHEN, Jersey City.
MARTIN O'BRIEN, No. 49 Jay Street, Brooklyn.
MRS. FINNELLY, No. 13 Essex Street. (Fatal.)
CATHERINE RIDDOCK, No. 133 Union Avenue, Williamsburg.
MR. and MRS. BARTELLE, No. 51 Beach Street.
C. W. CARPENTER, wife and child, of Harlem.
MRS. BRICE, No. 98 Hudson Street, scalded in face and arms.
CHARLES OUGH, Woodbridge, N.J., eight years.
JOSEPH OUGH, Woodbridge, N.J., fourteen years.
A. DALTON, No. 10 Monroe Street.
DANIEL MAHONEY, No. 70 Warren Street, Brooklyn.
CHAS. SILVA, No. 82 Madison Street.
JOHN CONNER, Warren Street, Brooklyn.
ADAM COOPER, No. 17 Prince Street, Brooklyn.
HENRY KORN, Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn.
HENRY STORMS, No. 634 Fifth Street.
T. BUNKLEY, No. 47 Essex Street.
MICHAEL REGAN, No. 21 Broome Street.
GEO. REVE, No. 102 Willett Street.
EVERET LANCING, No. 560 Broadway.
MONROE FREELAND, Clinton Street, New York.
JESSIE M. GOULD and child, two years, No. 531 West Thirty-fifth Street.
MRS. PETER DEMAY, No. 131 East Thirteenth Street.
JOHN O'CONNOR, No. 13 Warren Street, Brooklyn.
LOUISE ELSASSER, No. 14 First Avenue.
LOUISE ELSASSER, daughter of above.
MR. GEORGE ELSASSER, father of the above.
U. M. HOLLOWAY, Canal Street.
MARY PHILLIPS, No. 14 Pearl Street, New York.
ALEX. THORNTON, No. 10 Monroe Street.
ALEX. GREENLAND, Water Street, near Scammel Street.
MR. WARD, No. 158 Sackett Street, Brooklyn.
EDWARD DACY, No. 368 Warren Street, Brooklyn.
WM. HAMILTON, No. 128 South Street, Brooklyn.
JOHN MULCAHEY, No. 128 South Street, Brooklyn.
ISAIAH ABBOTT, Grand Street, Williamsburgh.
JAS. DALY, No. 558 Water Street.
W. DREIFUS, No. 11 Elm Street.
JOHN WATSON, Peekskill.
GEORGE STORSE, Staten Island, (colored, fatal.)
MARTIN REIDER, No. 329 Madison Street.
CHAS. COCHENDORFF, No. 316 West Sixteenth Street.
JOHN H. BROWN, No. 100 Spencer Street, Brooklyn.
HESTER PRINCE, No. 68 Hudson Street.
MRS. FINLY, No. 13 Essex Street.
FRED. SMITH, No. 33 Cortland Street.
RALPH COLES, No. 267 Spring Street.
ANDREW NESMITH, No. 94 Vandam Street.
JAMES RISLEY, No. 239 Third Avenue.
M. CAKLIN, residence not taken.
AMELIA GREENER, Grand Street, Jersey City.
JOHANNA GERTHIE GREENERT, Grand Street, Jersey City.
HANNAH BROWN and ANN FIX, No. 54 Atlantic Street, Brooklyn.
PATRICK FINEGAN, Staten Island, (fireman on steamer Westfield).
JOHN BYRNE, No. 85 Warren Street, Brooklyn.
FRANCIS HAGGERTY, No. 85 Warren Street, Brooklyn.
CATHERINE CHANDLER, Clinton Street, near Cypress Street, Brooklyn.
CATHERINE ALLMAN, No. 11 Douglas Street, Brooklyn.
CAPT. WM. BROADHURST, No. 176 Warren Street, Brooklyn.

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