New York City, NY Ferryboat WESTFIELD Explosion, July 1871

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The following is taken from the New York Times of 1871-07-31 --
The Killed.
The following are the killed, as far as ascertained:
Two children of MR. WARD, No. 158 Sackett Street, Brooklyn (drowned.)
MATTHEW MAHONEY, No. 70 Warren Street, Brooklyn.
JOHN BROWN, No. 54 Atlantic Street, Brooklyn.
GEO. ELSASSER, No. 14 First Avenue.
The following are at the Morgue:
A young married woman, thirty-two years of age, with jet breast-pin, a black ring, and a gold ring with initials R. C. and two hearts.
A married woman, in child-birth, about forty-five years of age, dressed in black; a little boy, wearing black velvet pants and a pink bow.
A young man with mustache and goatee, has a hankerchief with L.N. marked upon it, appears to be a German, and is about thirty.
A woman about thirty-five, wearing a yellow dress with black spots, and an old fashioned gold breast pin, sharp features.
A girl eight or nine years old, dressed in white Marseilles; drowned.
A woman, twenty-eight years old, red hair; burned.
One of the bodies was recognized as MARC CHENEVIERE, residing in Clinton Street, first house from Congress Street, Brooklyn.
A woman, with blue plaid dress, black guttapercha bracelet.
A fine looking man with mustache and whiskers, about forty; burned.
A woman about thirty, wearing a black dress.
A young man about twenty, black clothes; burned.
HENRY ______, a tailor, living at No. 12 Carmine Street.
In the dead house one of the bodies recognized was that of MARY CAREY, age unknown, and residence No. 142 Waverley Place. She was recognized by her brother.
MARGARET C. WEST, a baby, horribly burnt, but recognized by her father. Residence No. 154 Sackett Street, Brooklyn.
T. RANDOLPH, Fireman No. 3,136 of Brooklyn.
______ McDONOUGH, a United States Recruting Sergeant.

The Wounded.
The following is the list of wounded, as far as it is possible to ascertain. Many of them are injured fatally, and before this is read, some will have died.
The great majority are now at the Bellevue Hospital though some still remain at the Park Hospital, and others have been taken home by their friends. At the time of going to press it is impossible to designate the extent of injury each person has received, as the surgeons have not yet made a thorough examination:
ANTHONY GRAVELL, No. 426 Broome Street.
ANDREW COIL, No. 51 Monroe Street.
SAMUEL PHILLIPS, No. 130 East Forty-fifth Street.
WM. HOLWELL, insensible, no address taken.
MICHAEL BARRETT, No. 100 Water Street.
PATRICK MANLEY, No. 21, Broome Street, fracture of the arm.
JOHN T. ROBERTS, Henry Street, Brooklyn.
MRS. GROOM, Flatbush.
JOHN GROOM, son of preceding; nine months old.
MRS. McCOLE, No. 551 West Street; female child of same.

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