Brighton Beach, NY auto racing accident, Aug 1909


Collision Between Racing Autos Brings Death to Mechanician.

Laurent Gross Fatally Injured When His Car Is Struck by Competitor at Brighton Beach.

Brighton Beach Motordrome, New York, Aug. 27. - Louis Cole, mechanician of the Stears car in the 24-hour automobile race, was killed here to-night and the driver, Laurent Gross, was fatally injured in a collision with the Acme car shortly before midnight. Patcheke and Maynard, the crew of the Acme, were only slightly injured. Both cars were wrecked.

Gross and Cole were thrown from their car in the collision. Cole was almost instantly killed. Gross' spine was broken and he cannot recover.

The race was stopped at once, but was resumed in ten minutes.

Less than fifteen minutes later, to avoid another collision at the same point, Vantine, driving the other Acme entry, risked death by steering his car straight through the heavy infield fence. Both he and his mechanician escaped injury and his car was damaged only slightly, losing a front wheel. The machine started again in a few minutes.

A short time before the accident, in which Cole was killed, Driver Hughes, of the Allen-Kingston, was seriously burned when his clothes caught fire from a blaze which started near the gasoline tank.

The Times Picayune, New Orleans, LA 28 Aug 1909