Ingham Mills, NY Boiler Explosion, Sep 1888



Little Falls, N.Y., Sept. 7. -- A terrible boiler explosion occurred about noon today at Ingham Mills, a small place about four miles from here.
ADAM KEISER, JR., and ARTHUR LEAVITT, each 17 years old, were killed.
ADAM KEISER owns and runs a brickyard at Ingham Mills, employing about 12 hands when business is booming, as it now is, for the yard is now run to its full capacity. Just before the dinner hour there was a terrific report and the yard was filled with pieces of iron, timbers and dust. The boiler had bursted, and those living near were attracted to the scene by the unusual report and were horrified to find their worst fears realized.
After the dust and smoke had subsided, among the ruins were seen the dead and dying. Physicians were sent for from Dolgeville and the injured were removed to their homes. LEAVITT and KEISER were dead when found. ADAM KEISER, SR., who was struck by a flying piece of iron, had both legs broken. JACOB KEISER had one leg broken and received bad cuts about the knees. It is thought he has internal injuries. Two horses were standing near the boiler at the time of the explosion and were instantly killed.

The New York Times New York 1888-09-08