Glens Falls, NY House Fire, Nov 1959


Glens Falls, N.Y., Nov. 10 -- (AP) -- "Call home and find out how everybody is," said the dying father, not knowing his wife and six children had perished in the fire that destroyed their home today.
CHARLES HARRIS, SR., 26, who was burned, died a few hours after the explosion and fire took the lives of his wife, JANET, 24, and the children ranging from 6 months to 6 years.
HARRIS was a building contractor.
The family had planned to move tomorrow from their one-story frame dwelling, beside a rural road four miles north of here. They had a new home northeast of Glens Falls.
The sheriff's department said HARRIS apparently had thrown kerosene or gasoline into a wood stove
after he arose this morning. A neighbor heard the explosion and found HARRIS lying on the ground, clothes aflame.
Neighbors extinguished the fire in HARRIS' clothes but flames drove them back from the house.
The young victims were PAMELA, 6; CHARLES, JR., 5; JACK, 4; PENNY, 3; GEORGE, 2; and PAULA, 6 months.
Firemen retrieved the bodies. HARRIS died in Glens Falls hospital.

The Bridgeport Telegram Connecticut 1959-11-11