Long Island, NY Rowboat Accident, Mar 1894


An Old Boatman Driven into Long Island and Sound by Adverse Winds.

NORTHPORT, L. I., March 10.---David Hendrickson, an old boatman, left here Friday in a small rowboat for Duck Island, three miles out toward the Sound. When he was ready to leave the island the wind had shifted to the South.

It was blowing a stiff gale, and the boatman could make no headway against it. The waves dashed over his frail craft, and he had to abandon the oars for the bailing kettle.

When night came he had drifted well out into the Sound. All night he floated around, not knowing at what moment his boat would be swamped. When day dawned he was prostrated from exposure.

A passing schooner saw the boat and picked up its occupant. Hendrickson was given food and stimulant, and when landed here to-day he was recovering from the effects of the fifteen hours' exposure in the boat.

The New York Times, New York, NY 11 Mar 1894