New York, NY Boat Crashed into Log, Feb 1909


Valuable and Speedy Motorboat Meets with Serious Mishap in River Near New York City.

New York, Feb. 22.--Cutting though the waters of the Hudson River at a thirty-mile clip, the 500-horsepower motor boat Standard, owned Price McKinney of Cleveland, O., crashed into a submerged turtle in midstream. The four men on board were thrown into the water, but were quickly rescued by nearby tugs. Clinton H. Crane, who designed the boat, was in charge of the craft at the time. The Standard, which is one of the most powerful boats ever constructed, had been entered under the auspices of the Bowand Island Yacht Club for the annual power boat race in the Mediterranean, to be hold from April 4 to 11 under the direction of the International Sporting Club of Monaco. Because of damages to her engines, however, in the accident yesterday, it is doubtful if the speedy craft can be shipped abroad next Saturday as was planned. The damage to her hull is slight, but the engines were badly disarranged. The speed trial which was in progress at the time had been highly successful up to the time of the mishap.

Dallas Morning News, Dallas, TX 23 Feb 1909