Ithaca, NY Train Wreck, Jan 1895


Terrible Fatality at a Railroad Crossing at Ithaca, N. Y.

IHTACA, N. Y., Jan. 2.---A terrible fatality occurred at the railroad crossing on the main Lehigh Valley line, about a mile north from the Willard cut Monday evening. MRS. ROBERT HUGHES and MRS. OWEN LARKIN were being driven to their homes by ROBERT HUGHES, a son of Mrs. Hughes, and their cutter was struck by a passenger train. All three occupants were instantly killed. The young man was thrown a distance of forty feet or more and a mark on his left temple indicated where the blow struck that ended his life. Mrs. Hughe's [sic] face was almost completely torn away and the back of Mrs. Larkin's head was crushed to a pulp. All the bodies also bore other marks of injury. The horse was killed and the cutter reduced to kindling wood. The husband of Mrs. Hughes had been in the cutter, and being cold, had got out, and was walking a short distance behind the cutter when the accident occurred.

Fort Wayne News, Fort Wayne, IN 2 Jan 1895