Staten Island, NY Freighter NECHES Sinks, Aug 1930

Captain Alone Sinks With Ship

Freighter Goes Down in Harbor Off New York; Crew Rescued

(By Associated Press)
New York, Aug. 27.-Fouled in the rigging, Captain Estes of the Clyde-Mallory freighter Neches, sank with his ship in new York harbor off Staten Island tonight after the vessel collided with a barge.

The chief engineer said the vessel sank, carrying the captain down as he was trying to untangle him. All other 24 members of the crew were saved.

The Neches sank off Fort Wadsworth, Staten Island, in the Narrows, about half an hour after the collision with the barge which was in tow of a tug.

As the Neches started to sink, distress signals were sounded, bringing a coast guard boat and a picket boat. The Marine Police rushed tow launches to the scene. A lifeboat was lowered from the Neches with 15 men in it. Boars picked up two men clinging to the wreckage and coast guard boat pick up two more.

Chief Engineer Carey was taken aboard one of the rescue boats as the ship rolled over on her side.

The Neches, a small freighter, obtained clearance papers yesterday for Key West, Tampa and Mobile. It was believed to have been anchored in the harbor since that time.

San Antonio Express, San Antonio, TX 28 Aug 1930