Southwold, NY Train Wreck, Aug 1848

Collision On The Long Island Railroad.

-We learn that a collision, attended with loss of life, occurred on the Long Island Railroad, yesterday afternoon, at Southwold, between the accommodation train up from Jamaica. The latter had two engines, having a large number of passengers.-So far as we have been able to obtain information, the blame seems to rest upon the engineer of the accommodation train, who was aware that the other train was coming up, but was making an effort to be the first at a turn off, and was driving furiously round a curve when the collision took place. The poor fellow was killed instantly.

The conductor of the accommodation train, Mr. Homan, was shockingly mangled, and it was supposed to be impossible that he could live, when the train left for Brooklyn. Only one passenger, a lady, was hurt, and she not severely. The engines were much damaged. Others having been procured, the passengers were brought forward, arriving in Brooklyn at one o’clock this morning.
N.Y. Com. Adv., 17th.

Albany Evening Journal, Albany, NY 18 Aug 1848