Long Island, NY Freeport Baldwin Reservoir Drowning, Dec 1928

Boys Lose Lives Trying To Save Dog From Water

(By United Press.)
Freeport, L.I., Dec. 27.-Wilson and Arthur Grogarevich, 9 and 13, risked their lives Thursday to save their pet Collie. All are dead.

The boys had thrown sticks on the ice of Baldwin reservoir for the dog to chase. The animal broke through, and struggled to reach solid footing.

Wilson ran out to help the Collie. He, too, plunged through the water.

Arthur dashed after Wilson. He was the third to sink.

Decatur Evening Herald, Decatur, IL 27 Dec 1928


it's not bad to save animals

it's not bad to save animals but to die may be too much. Maybe the boys thought that they can save the dog and live as well. The dog may be very much attached to them. condolences to them all.