New York, NY News Dealer Saves Children from Train, Sept 1909

Saved Children From Death.

Newsdealer Drags Two from in Front of an Express Just in Time.

While playing with a toy automobile on the outer edge of the railroad platform of the Murray Hill Station on the North shore Division of the Long Island Railroad yesterday morning. Willie and Lucille Johnson, 6 and 4 years old, children of William Johnson of Amity and Percy Streets, Flushing, were saved from death by Newsdealer Albert F. Drollinger, who sprang over his news counter and caught the children in his arms just as the Bayside express tore by at forty miles an hour.

Affrighted passengers on the platform screamed and closed their eyes as Drollinger and his two little charges were lost in the whirlwind of dust that followed in the wake of the train, while splinters of the wrecked toy automobile were showered through the air. They thought that Drollinger and the children had been drawn under by the suction of the train.

It was all over in half a minute, but some of the women were waiting on the platform were so overcome that they were unable to take the next train when due and went back to their homes. Neither of the children appreciated the incident, and they looked ruefully at the shattered splinters of their toy automobile, parts of which were afterward found a block away from the station.

The New York Times, New York, NY 4 Sept 1909