Long Island, NY Export Lumber Co. Fire, May 1891


A Destructive Lumber Fire in Long Island City, N. Y.

Fire broke out in the yard of the EXPORT LUMBER COMPANY, on Newtown Creek and the East River, Long Island City, N. Y., at 11 o'clock on a recent night. There were three acres of lumber stored there, and the flames spread rapidly. The entire department of Long Island City was called out. W. R. GRACE & CO. are the owners.

The fire started in RONCASTER'S iron foundry, the cause being, as is supposed, a spark from a casting which had been made just before the shop closed. The fire smouldered[sic] until 10:30, and then broke out fiercely. The foundry was totally destroyed. The CLARK & SIMPSON feed mills also took fire and were burned to the ground. The flames then spread to H. S. WHITING'S retail lumber yard, which was entirely consumed. The fire next attacked H. G. BURROUGH'S wholesale lumber yard in Newtown Creek, adjoining the EXPORT YARD, and it was destroyed. The TIMIS-SIMOUS LUMBER COMPANY'S mill followed and was soon a total loss.

The barkentine Teneriffe, Captain GAYLE, was lying at Burrough's Pier, and narrowly escaped destruction by being towed into the stream.

All the Standard Oil Company's fire tugs and the entire Long Island City Fire Department, under Chief CASEY, were on the scene, and doing good work.

A heavy wind prevailed which added materially to the fury and progress of the flames. The fire covered the entire lumber district of six or seven acres, or thirteen city blocks, which was almost entirely covered by lumber piles. The loss it was thought might reach $1,000,000.

The Cranbury Press New Jersey 1891-05-15