Phoenix, NY Sweet Brothers' Paper Manufacturing Company Fire, Jan 1910

Phoenix, NY Paper Mill Fire 1910

Phoenix, Jan. 24 – The Sweet Brothers’ Paper Manufacturing company suffered a loss estimated at $50,000 by the fire which started in the boiler room of its paper plant at 1 o’clock yesterday morning, the story of which appeared in The Sunday Herald. The buildings were all of wood and with the prevailing high wind the flames quickly spread to Mill No. 1, which was entirely destroyed as well as a portion of Mill No. 2.

It was at first thought that the fire could be confined to the boiler room, but a back draft carried the flames through an enclosure for steam pipes which formed a connection with Mill No. 1 and the building was soon a seething mass of flames. The fire spread rapidly to Mill No 2 but by prompt work of the Fire department was soon under control.

The fire was one of the worst the village has suffered for forty years, and at one time the whole manufacturing and business section was threatened. At this time aid was asked from Fulton and Baldwinville. The Baldwinville department dispatched men with cart and hose who ably assisted the local fire fighters. The Fulton firemen with their fire fighting apparatus were held, at the request of the local authorities, at the New York Central station, subject to hurry call in case the flames should spread to other property.

The mills were owned by T. C. SWEET and K. N. SWEET, comprising the Sweet Brothers’ Paper Manufacturing company, and were devoted to the extensive manufacture of white and colored tissue papers, and were one of the best equipped paper plants on the river. It is understood that the fire loss is well covered with insurance. The mill will probably be replaced with a concrete structure.

Syracuse Herald, Syracuse, NY 24 Jan 1910