Schenectady, NY Tornado, Nov 1900

In the Mohawk Valley

Schenectady, N Y, Nov. 22 -- Several persons were injured and many others narrowly escaped death, while thousands of dollars' worth of damage was done as the result of the cyclone in this city yesterday. Prominent among those injured was James A. Goodrich president of the Y M C A and a prominent lawyer, who was blown down and hurt about the head. John A. Caster and a fellow laborer were blown from a scaffold at the locomotive works to the ground 50 feet away and badly injured. They are in the hospital. The baseball grandstand was wrecked and fragments carried through the air demolished the fronts of houses in Delemont avenue. The Alpha Knitting mill was badly damaged. Two icehouses on the Mohawk river and owned by Timeson & McAuley are demolished. A saloon on State street run by Charles McConokey was wrecked.

The Trenton Times, Trenton, NJ 22 Nov 1900