Wurtsboro, NY Tornado & Train Accident, Jul 1872

A Sad Fourth of July at Wurtsboro

One Man... Killed on the Railroad

Two frightful accidents occurred at Wurtsboro, Sullivan county, Thursday - one man meeting his death by a railroad accident and another being instantly killed by an explosion....

A fearful tornado swept over the village felling trees and fences in its course and carrying death to another human being.  There was a wood car standing on the track of the Midland Railroad at Wurtsboro, and when the tornado came up, it started the car down a slight grade at a considerable speed.  A stranger named John Groo was walking on the track ahead of the car, and it struck him and knocked him down, passing over one leg near his body, crushing it fearfully.  He was picked up and taken to the hotel, where he laid in an unconscious state for some time.  He finally came to and told his name.  He was an Irishman, and had no friends in this country and was going to start for Paterson that afternoon to look for work.  He lived about one hour.

Evening Gazette, Port Jervis, NY 6 Jul 1872