Whitney Point, NY Private Plane Crash, Aug 1962


Whitney Point, N.Y. (UPI) -- A family of six was killed Friday when a single engine plane crashed on a hilltop three miles south of here after encountering bad weather.
State police identified the victims as Army Sgt. GEORGE VAN HOUSEN, 31, of Ft. Knox, Ky.; his wife, MARY LOU, 29, and their four children; GEORGE, JR., 10; PATRICIA, 8; JEFFREY, 2; and ANDREW, 6.
The plane piloted by VAN HOUSEN, left Norwich, N.Y. airport at 10:50 a.m. bound for Zanesville, Ohio.
Broome County Airport at Binghamton, N.Y., said VAN HOUSEN radioed shortly after takeoff that he was running into low ceiling, rain and fog. He indicated that he would reverse course and attempt to return to Norwich. At that point contact was lost.
A state police search for the plane was started in the area when a woman called, saying that she thought a plane was in trouble.
The plane was a Navlon, owned by a Ft. Knox flying club, according to Norwich Airport spokesmen.
The scene of the crash was Whitney Point Hill, near the Pennsylvania state line. Wreckage was scattered over a 450-yard area. State police found one body about 130 feet from the point of impact. There was a rag doll lying near the demolished craft.
VAN HOUSEN and his family had been visiting his parents at Morris, N.Y., while he was on leave from Ft. Knox. They intended to return to Fort Knox via Zanesville.

The Daily Telegram Eau Claire Wisconsin 1962-08-11