Holbrook, NY School Bus And Train Collision, Dec 1935


Bay Shore, N.Y., Dec. 20 (AP) -- Two high school students were killed instantly today in the nearby village of Holbrook, when the school bus in which they were riding was struck by the Long Island railroad's "Flyer" en route for New York.
Three other students and the driver of the bus were seriously injured. They were rushed to a hospital here.
The dead were ALICE BEDELL, 16, and ROBERT SECAMP, 17. The injured were EDNA BEDELL, sister of ALICE, GUS RING, ELINOR NAGLE, all students, and the driver of the bus, AUGUST BELASKI.
Reports at the hospital said the bus had stopped 75 feet from the crossing for the two BEDELL girls to get on. The driver started as soon as they were aboard and the bus ran into the path of the approaching train.
The wrecked bus was thrown 200 feet, hurling school books, lunch pails and clothing along the right of way.
The crossing is an unprotected one without signal bells, lights or gates, but the track is a straight-away for more than a mile on either side.
The bus, which had no occupants other than those killed or injured, was on its regular morning run to the Sayville high school, four miles from the scene of the accident.

Fitchburg Sentinel Massachusetts 1935-12-20