Saratoga Springs, NY Town Fire, July 1864

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Troy, N. Y., Tuesday, July 5.
The fire at Saratoga on Monday destroyed all the buildings on Broadway south of Union Hall to the Clarendon Hotel. West of these the buildings are small wooden structures, except the Water Cure, in which the fire originated, and which was destroyed. The total loss is $60,000. None of the large hotels were in the least injured.

Third Dispatch.
Saratoga, Tuesday, July 5.
The Bethesda Water Cure, the International Hotel, and all the buildings between the Crescent and Clarendon Hotels are destroyed. The Crescent, Union and Congress Hotels are not burned.

Fourth Dispatch.
Saratoga, Tuesday, July 5.
The fire broke out yesterday at 2 P.M. and destroyed the Bethesda Water Cure; loss $40,000; insurance $18,000. One large boarding-house, several dwelling houses and barns, shops, &c., were also burned to the ground; total loss $60,000.

Fifth Dispatch.
Union Hall was not in any way injured by the fire which broke out in this place yesterday. There are now stopping at this hotel 240 guests. Last evening a band of music arrived here, engaged by MR. W. W. LELAND, and discoursed most patriotic airs. The festivities of the day wound up with a grand hop, in which all the guests of the house, and many others, participated.

Union Hall Safe.
The following dispatch has been received at the Metropolitan Hotel:
Saratoga, Tuesday, July 5, 1864.
To S. Leland & Co.:
Union Hall is safe. Very little damage. No interruption to business. Water Cure establishment and some other buildings burnt.
W.W. Leland.

The New York Times New York 1864-07-06