Troy, NY Orphan Asylum Fire, June 1866


Troy, N.Y., Saturday, May 5.
About 8 o'clock this evening a fire broke out in the Roman Catholic Orphan Asylum, and in an hour the building was burned to the ground, with a portion of its contents. The building was a large wooden structure, and was the private property of REV. FATHER PETER HAVERMANS. There were one hundred and seventy-two orphan boys in the Asylum, all of whom were saved. The Asylum was probably set on fire by a young man originally from Virginia. He was an inmate of the asylum five years ago, when he set fire to the building. For this he was sent to the house of refuge for four years, but as he threatened to fire the building when he got out, he was kept a year longer. He was set at liberty two weeks ago, and a few days since attempted to set fire to a barn near the asylum. He was seen lurking about the asylum today, and circumstances strongly indicate that he fired the buildings. The orphans have been temporarily provided for in other quarters. A large Catholic Orphan Asylum is now in course of construction in this city. A barn near the asylum was also burned, and a large brick building, used as a dormitory and school room, was several times on fire, but was saved. The Troy Catholic Hospital, in close proximity, escaped unharmed. Loss by the fire $10,000. Insured for $5,000.

The New York Times New York 1866-06-06