New York, NY child falls out window, Jun 1908


Seven-Year-Old Child Tumbles to Death While Trying to Arouse Her Little Playmate

Special to The Inquirier.

NEW YORK, June 27. - With her "Teddy bear" clasped tightly in her arms, the body of Mildred Maketeaca, the seven-year-old daughter of Lloyd Maketaaca, was found crushed in the court yard of her home, at 15 Manhattan avenue, today. The little girl, it is believed, had fallen from her bedroom wondow, which overlooks the courtyard, on the fifth floor, some time during the night, while her mother slept.

Mildred and Hazel French, the daughter of ex-Alderman Samuel French, who lives on the floor below, had been rivals for some time in a race to see which could rise earliest in the morning. It is believed that Mildred, awakening early today and clasping her Teddy bear, went to the window to summon her companion, and leaning too far out, lost her balance, and fell headlong into the court yard.

Her mother, awakening, found her daughter missing. Her first thought was the open window, and looking out she saw the child lying dead below. Her screams aroused the tenants, and a policeman brought the little body into the apartments. A physician was summoned, but said the child had been dead for some time. The mother, as the result of the shock, is in a serious condition, and is under the care of a physician.

The father is on the ocean, returning from a business trip to Europe, and will be notified by wireless.

The Philadephia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 28 Jun 1908