New York Earthquake, Nov 1893

MALONE, N. Y., Nov. 27.---Two distinct shocks of earthquake were felt here at 11:45 o'clock this morning. The strongest buildings trembled as if about to fall. People ran bare-headed into the streets, thinking an explosion had occurred. A clock was knocked from a shelf in William Robarge's house and smashed to pieces. A chimney on the residence of A. R. Lewis was split and partly shattered.

It is also reported that one of the walls of the Academy Building was somewhat sprung. The teachers and children fled from the building, thinking the boilers had exploded.
The shocks were like two successive blasts of dynamite, the motion being, apparently, upward at first, followed by a lateral swaying. All near-by towns felt the shock. The upheaval seems to have traveled from northwest to southeast.

WHITEHALL, N. Y., Nov. 27.---The towns of Rouse's Point, Plattsburg, Au Sable Forks, Keeseville, Peru, Port Henry, and Ticonderoga all report that an earthquake lasting from five to ten seconds commenced at 11:47 this morning. No damage is reported. At Keeseville, the clerks left a furniture store, fearing the building would fall. Similar reports come from small towns on the west side of Lake Champlain. Throughout this town windows and crockery rattled for several seconds. Reports received show that the shock was generally felt in Washington County and the Champlain Valley.

PLATTSBURG, N. Y., Nov. 27.---A shock of earthquake was felt here at 11:45 o'clock this morning. The vibration lasted fully ten seconds, and was strong enough to cause heavy buildings to tremble. No damage has yet been reported.

PLATTSBURG, N. Y., Nov. 27.--- A shock earthquake was felt here just before 12 o'clock to-day. Buildings were shaken and trembled for a few seconds. Crockery rattled on shelves, and many persons distinctly felt the motion of the shock.

OGDENSBURG, N. Y. Nov. 27.---A distinct shock of earthquake was felt here at 11:48. It lasted about fifteen seconds.

The New York Times, New York, NY 28 Nov 1893