New York, NY Coney Island Steamboats Crash, Jul 1904


Passengers in Panic When the "Grand Republic” Hits the "Dreamland”

The steamboats “Dreamland” and “Grand Republic” were in collision last evening off Coney Island. The passengers aboard both vessels were thrown into a panic, but soon were reassured. A portion of the planking of the Dreamland's port paddle box was shaved off, but there was no other damage done. Nobody was hurt.

The collision occurred just about dusk. The Dreamland was carrying a big load of passengers from Manhattan to the Coney Island resort from which the vessel takes its name, and the Grand Republic was on its way from the island to the city. There was a heavy fog, and the vessels were feeling their way along the channel. The foghorns were being kept busy, but the atmospheric conditions were such that the sound did not carry.

Capt. Giffon of the Dreamland and Capt. Carmen of the Grand Republic were unaware that danger was threatening, when suddenly the vessels crashed. The Grand Republic's bow struck the Dreamland's port paddle box, and there was a sound of splintering timbers. Fortunately, the blow was glancing. The shock of the collision was plainly felt on both boats, and there was a rush for life preservers, but the feeling of alarm was soon quelled, and the two vehicles proceed to their destinations.  

The New York Times, New York, NY 7 Jul 1904