Brooklyn, NY Girl Killed by Falling Headstone, Sept 1904


Monument In a Brooklyn Cemetery Falls on Young Girl.

Yetta Berkowitz, 18-years old, of 80 Chrystie Street, was killed yesterday in Washington Cemetery, at Twenty-second and Gravesend Avenues, Brooklyn, by the falling over of a granite monument. She had gone to the cemetery to visit the graves of some of her relatives, and was kneeling in prayer on one of them when the monument fell.

The monument consisted of a shaft four feet high, weighing several hundred pounds. It fell across the girl's head, pinning. her to the ground, where, she remained until two
gravediggers found her several minutes later. She was then unconscious, but Dr.
Herseman was called from the Norwegian Hospital to attend her. She died before he
arrived, however.

Detectives Cullen and Wedd went to the cemetery and decided that the accident was due to the digging nearby the monument of about 50 new graves, which had caused the earth to settle, throwing the monument out of plumb. They arrested two of the gravediggers on a technical charge. The prisoners gave their names as Jacob Binswanger and Michael Goldsmith.

The New York Times, New York, NY 8 Sept 1904