Port Leyden, NY Town Fire, Oct 1889

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Watertown, N. Y., Oct. 25. -- Much of the business portion of Port Leyden, Lewis County, was destroyed by fire early this morning. The Douglass House, the Opera House, eight stores, the Post Office, and several dwellings were destroyed. Fifteen families lost their homes and many of their possessions. The flames spread so rapidly that the people had little time to save anything. Some commercial travelers who were spending the night at the hotel lost their sample trunks, escaping with scant clothing.
The losses in part are as follows:
W. F. HAYES, dwelling, store, and billiard room, $1,500.
CHARLES STONE, slight loss.
J. W. AGER, two stores, $4,500, insurance $2,500.
WILLIAMS Brothers, merchandise, about $11,000, partially insured.
WILLIAMS & PEEBLES, carriages, &c., $300 above the insurance.
D. D. DOUGLASS, two dwellings, is the heaviest loser.
Opera House block, containing seven stores and the Post Office, $4,000, insurance $2,000.
THOMAS JONES, liveryman, stable and one horse.
PETER BECK, three stores and stock or boots and shoes, loss $3,500 above insurance.
J. CARNEY, merchandise.
D. M. COE, undertaking goods and furniture.
E. D. SPENCER, druggist and grocer.
JOHN SCHROEDER, merchandise, $2,500 to $3,000.
E. J. LANE, furniture and livery stable, insurance $1,700.
SCHELL & HUBBARD, livery stable.
MRS. ELLA ASH, livery stable, $2,000, insurance $300.
CHRISTIAN SCHRAFFARD, house, contents, and barn, no insurance.
W. H. HILL, law office and library.
The REV. FATHER O'CONNOR, household goods.
E. R. BAXTER, contents of DOUGLASS House of which he was proprietor.
WOOD, GALES & Co., stock of veneering, chair seats, &c., $500.
These are only partial figures. Telegraphic and telephonic communication is almost entirely destroyed. All the town records are burned. Other losers are A. J. KENYON, photographer; MRS. H. L. HOAG, millinery; GIDDINGS & BROWN, dry goods and groceries; WILLIAM SCHULTZ, law office; C. STAFFORD, residence, and ROBERT ASH, residence.

The New York Times New York 1889-10-26