Chatham, NY Train Wreck, Aug 1895


Fireman Killed - Many Wounded - The Last of the Elliott Brothers Killed.

WHITE PLAINS, N. Y., Aug. 3. - A fatal accident caused by a misplaced switch, or broken rail, occurred near Chatham, on the Harlem Railroad, at noon to-day. The Pittsfield express which left the grand central station at 9 10 o'clock this morning, was derailed and went down an embankment, killing Fireman Myron J. Elliott and injuring a number of passengers.

Fireman Elliott resided in this city and was married on Wednesday of this week to Mrs. Kate Elliott, the widow of his brother, Wm. J. Elliott, an engineer on the Harlem Railroad, who was killed in a railroad wreck at Ice Pond two years ago. Another brother was also killed on Saturday only a few miles distant from where Fireman Elliott met his death to-day. The death of Myron makes the third son killed on the Harlem. Later details report that Engineer Edward Halleck is also killed and that his father, who was a baggage master on the train is fatally injured.

The Charlotte Observer, Charlotte, NC 6 Aug 1895