Findley Lake, NY, Business Section Fire, Oct 1912


Most of Business Section of Village Destroyed by Flames Early Sunday Morning.

Findley Lake, N. Y., Oct. 7 -- A large part of the business section of the village was wiped out by fire which started early Sunday morning and raged with such fury that the fire fighting apparatus of the village was inadequate to cope with the flames. The total loss is estimated to be close to $35,000 with only a small proportion of the loss covered by insurance.
The fire started in the general store of WILLIAM COULTARD, but its origin is not known. The flames quickly spread to adjoining buildings and soon most of the structures on that side of the street were a mass of flames. Thefire department fought bravely, but the supply of water in the reservoir gave out and it was sometime before connection was made for a new supply. All of the buildings were frame and were easy prey for the flames.
MR. COULTARD'S loss on the building and contents is estimated at $5,000. E. P. BARMORE'S hardware store was destroyed with a loss of several thousand dollars. The stock and general store of County Supervisor W. L. NUTTALL was destroyed with an $8,000 loss.
The Odd Fellows temple with furniture and paraphernalia was burned. Loss estimated at $2,500 to $3,000. The loss to JACOB JOHNSON'S meat market and barn in the rear was $600. A store room belonging to WILLIAM LEWIS and occupied by J. J. BROOKMIRE with a stock of agricultural machinery was burned. A portion of the contents was saved. BERT JONES' harness shop was saved though badly scorched and a building on the opposite side of the street owned by HENRY BARTON and occupied as a dwelling and residence also was badly scorched.

The Evening Observer Dunkiri New York 1912-10-07