San Juan County, NM Runaway Accident, Dec 1900


A Sad Accident Which Occurred in San Juan County on Sunday.

A sad accident happened between Largo and Bloomfield in San Juan county, on Sunday last. Elder Hammond, president of the San Juan stake of the Latter Day Saints, was driving with William Hall, of Mancos, Colorado. They had been holding a conference on the San Juan and started to leave the Tinney place in their buggy. As the were circling about the house the buggy top struck a clothes line which pulled the top down so that it struck one of the horses. The horses started to run and the buggy was overturned, throwing its occupants against an outbuilding. President Hammond struck against the corner of the building, besides being caught in the wheel of the buggy, receiving very serious injuries from which he died on Tuesday morning at 4 o'clock. His left arm had been fractured and he sustained a fractured hip and other injuries. Mr. Hammond was 79 years of age so that recovery was simply impossible. The remains were shipped to Mancos where his sons reside. President Hammond leaves a wife and many children. Mr. Hall, himself a man of some 67 years, was considerably bruised but fortunately received no serious injuries.

Santa Fe New Mexican, Sante Fe, NM 7 Dec 1900