Deming, NM Two Car Crash, Jan 1973


Deming, N.M. (AP) - A head-on collision in the eastbound lanes of Interstate 10 at Deming Friday killed nine persons and injured three others, Friday. Seven of the dead represented three generations of the same family.
State Police said a car bearing New Mexico plates veered away from the westbound lanes, crossed the 31-foot flat gravel median of the freeway and slammed head-on into a car driven by LEWIS STEELE, 28, Brea, Calif.
Eight of the nine persons in the New Mexico car and STEELE died in the crash. STEELE'S wife, CAROL, 35, and baby son, 18 months old, were in serious condition at Mimbres Memorial Hospital. The only survivor from the other car was JONATHAN BRADY, 12, of Alamogordo.
JONATHAN'S mother, BARBARA BRADY, 34, died in the crash, along with her sister, MARTHA CARPENTER, 28, who had recently moved to Roswell.
The women's parents, FRANCIS DUNN, 59, and LYDIA DUNN, 55, of Roswell, also perished.
The third generation victims of the family tragedy were MRS. CARPENTER'S son, AARON, 2 1/2; and daughter, MARGARET, 5; and MRS. BRADY'S daughter, ELIZABETH, 11. The ninth victim was KERRY ADAMS, 13. Police said they didn't know the ADAMS girl relationship to the victims.
Police were at a loss to explain the reason for the crash. They said they believed either MRS. BRADY or MRS. CARPENTER was driving. Visibility was good, police said, the highway in the area, at the eastern edge of Deming, is on flat terrain, it was daylight, and there were no weather problems.
Police said the STEELE car was in the far right lane of the eastbound lanes, where the accident occurred.
It was the second major loss of life in a traffic accident in New Mexico within the past month. Nineteen persons, most of them teenagers, died Dec. 26 in a truck-bus collision on a narrow bridge near Fort Sumner.

Hobbs Daily News-Sun New Mexico 1973-01-21