Roswell, NM Two Cars And Truck Collision, May 1957


Roswell, N.M., May 19 (AP) - Five persons were killed and two injured today in a crash of two cars and a truck near Roswell.
The dead, in one car, were stationed at Walker Air Force Base, near Roswell.
Officials at Walker base identified the dead as:
EARNEST L. GILLIAN, Airman Second Class, 21, Hopewell, Va.;
JOHN PAGE, Airman Third Class, 18, Verona, Pa.;
HERSCHEL M. WALKER, Airman Third Class, 22, 2103 Prospect Avenue, Kansas City;
ROBERT C. WILLETT, Airman Third Class, 18, Chicago;
and COLON H. GILCHRIST, Airman Third Class, 21, Hamlet, N.C.
Driver of the other car was PANCHO F. PEREZ, Lake Arthur. He lost his left arm but was reported in fair condition.
State police said the driver of the truck was WILLIAM McCOY, 47, Artesia, taken to a hospital with cuts and bruises.

Kansas City Times Missouri 1957-05-20