Blossburg, NM Dutchman Mine Explosion, Oct 1906



Denver, Oct. 6. -- According to a special to the News, fifteen men are believed to have been entombed in the Dutchman mine at Blossburg, N. M., by an explosion which wrecked the walls and roof of the tunnel in which they were working. However, only six men are positively known to have been in the tunnel at the time of the explosion, but the usual night shift numbers fifteen and none of them has been located outside.
Rescuing parties have taken out four dead bodies, one of which has been identified as JANS JENISKI, a single man forty years old. All except one of the shift were Austrians, the exception being an American. Fire damp has settled in the tunnel, making rescue work difficult. It is not thought that any of the entombed men can live. As yet no fire has been reported.
The cause of the explosion is not known.

Eau Claire Leader Wisconsin 1906-10-07

Transcriber's Note:
According to information I found on line, 10 miners died in this explosion.


Dutchman Mine disaster 1906

I've discovered who "Willie" is, killed at the Dutchman mine with 10 others in 1906. He is my grandmother's nephew, William Cameron, son of her younger brother James R. Cameron and his wife Roxanne. He was born in Pennsylvania in 1867, moved with widowed mother and siblings about 1874 to Houtzdale, Pennsylvania. Many of his relatives moved on to the coal camps in Colorado. He never married. He is buried in Trinidad, Colorado, and his mother was later buried with him.

Bloomfield Mine Disaster Oct 1906

The Report of U.S. Mine Inspector for New Mexico says 10 men killed but names only 8: John Janeskay, Jo Kressi, Aurelia Bauljaro, Harry Farthiggill, Fred Grendy, Bozo Kalanj, Richard Stansfield, Frank Zoric.
My great aunt, writing Oct 10 from Dawson to siblings in Houtzdale PA, talks of "Willie" who was killed, saying she would have given her life for the "Boy." He was "fixed" by undertakers in "Trinidad. I cannot identify who this might have been. She also mentions "young Westhingale" who was also killed.