Beden, NM Auto Wreck, Oct 1937

Beden, NM Auto Wreck, Oct 1937

Two Men Killed When Automobiles Collide

Four Escape Serious Hurts On Belen Road

Antonio Jaramillo, Andrew Carrillo of Abeytas Are Victims in Accident

Cars Hit On Highway

Mrs. Waite Kinney of Roswell, and Party, Are Bruised and Cut

Two men were injured fatally, and four other persons escaped serious injuries Saturday night when two automobiles collided on the highway three miles south of Belen.

Antonio JARAMILLO, 40 and Andres CARRILLO, 45, both of Abeytas, small community 10 miles south of Belen, died shortly after they had been brought here to St. Joseph’s Hospital. Both men suffered severe fractures and internal injuries.

Cars Hit In Road

The small sedan occupied by the two men collided with a larger car driven by Mrs. Waite KINNEY of Roswell. The Jaramillo car was practically demolished, while the Kinney car was badly damaged.

With Mrs. KINNEY were Miss Arline GIBBANY and Bob MARTIN, 17, of Roswell, and Miss Grace HUTCHINSON of Capitan. All four received cuts and bruises. The KINNEY party was en route to Santa Fe, while the two men were going south.

Mrs. KINNEY told State Police she saw the JARAMILLO car approaching and attempted to turn out of its path, but it swung directly into her car, striking the left side. She said the other car was swung completely around and demolished.

Woman Calls Help

Mrs. KINNEY said she saw that JARAMILLO and CARRILLO were badly hurt. She hailed a passing car and went to Belen to get help, while the other members of her party gave what aid they could to the injured men.

A French ambulance brought the two men to the hospital. State Police immediately began an investigation. It was expected an inquest will be held Sunday or Monday.

JARAMILLO and CARILLO were both married. Relatives hurried to Albuquerque after the accident, which occurred about 8 p.m., and were with them when they died about two hours later.

Albuquerque Journal, Albuquerque, NM 24 Oct 1937


The title needs corrected.

The title needs corrected. The town is Belen, with an L. Thanks!