Delaware River, NJ Freshet, Feb 1857

Freshet in the Delaware River.

Easton, N. J., Monday, Feb. 9. The Delaware River has risen fifteen feet, and the town is flooded to the depth of five feet in some parts. A house has been washed away at Lambertsville, and also a portion of Van Cleve's foundry, at Trenton. The bridges are all in a precarious condition, the ice in some places being piled up twenty feet.

Trenton, Monday, Feb. 9. We have had a great freshet in the Delaware. All the mills on the river are more or less damaged. After great fears the Delaware Bridge is safe. Hundreds of families have been compelled to remove. Considerable property has been destroyed. One foundry fell. The ice is piled up in the streets adjacent to the river.

The New York Times, New York, NY 10 Mar 1857