Mount Holly, NJ Drowned in Mud, Oct 1907


Molder Falls Into Three Feet of Water and Cannot Get Out.

MOUNT HOLLY, N. J., Oct. 26.---Fritz Auerwaeter, a molder, was found dead this morning in a spring opposite the railroad station. There was only three feet of water in it, but his head had stuck fast in the mud at the bottom and his feet were sticking out.

Auerwaeter had been in the habit of going to the spring every night for a pail of water. Last night Mrs. Samuel Finch, his landlady, thought he was under the influence of liquor and tried to prevent his going, but he would not be restrained.

It is supposed that when he reached down to fill his pail he lost his balance, fell head first, and was drowned.

He was not found until 3 o'clock this morning, when Joseph Britt passed the spring on his way to work.

The New York Times, New York, NY 27 Oct 1907