Paterson, NJ Matches Accident, Sept 1898


A Faithful Dog's Attempts to Save the Little One's Life.

MAY, the three-year-old daughter of Samuel Tanis, of Paterson, died Wednesday, from burns received the day before. The child got hold of some matches, and began lighting them in a closet, when on of them fell on some paper which blazed up and set her clothing on fire.

The family dog was in the room at the time, and when the girl's clothing blazed up, seized hold of her and dragged her out into the yard. When the screams of the suffering child brought help, and the burning clothing was stripped from the child, the dog is said to have tried to help, snatching at the burning dress and trampling out the fire with his paws.

Middletown Daily Argus, Middletown, NY 29 Sept 1898