Glassboro, NJ fire, Jan 1917


Auditorium, Theatre, Stores and Dwellings Destroyed in Early Morning Blaze

Special to the Inquirer.

GLASSBORO, N. J., Jan. 26 - Fire which broke out in the big auditorium here at 2:30 o'clock this morning wiped out that structure which, besides a large theatre, contained two stores, a restaurant, bowling alleys and lodge rooms, nearly destroyed a double and a single house adjoining and for a time menaced the heart of the town. The local volunteer firemen were assisted by outside companies. The total loss is placed at approximately $30,000.

The auditorium was owned by Charled Abbott, who places his loss at $20,000. The other heaviest loser was John W. Dilks, druggist whose loss is $1500. Other losers were Mrs. William [illegible], double house, loss, $1500. Elwood Cramer, tenant, $250, Whitney Glass Works, frame dwelling house and ware sheds; J. Fowler, restaurant keeper, $100. Much of the loss is covered by insurance.

Most of the fraternal organizations of the town had their quarters in the auditorium and all of their paraphernalia and records were wiped out. The heaviest loss was sustained by the [illegible] Masons, who valued belongings at $1500, Junior Order of United American Merchants, $1000; Red Men, $600; Odd Fellows, $500; Daughters of Liberty, $300; Senior Order of United American Merchants, $200.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 27 Jan 1917

Incendiarism Is Suspected in Connection With Blaze - Two Men Are Held

Special to the Inquirer.

GLASSBORO, N. J., Jan. 27. - After a thorough investigation of the fire that destroyed the big auditorium here yesterday morning, there is a belief that the fire was caused by incendiarism.

While no direct charge of this kind is made, Harry Dolby, 18 years old, and Richard Althouse, 16 years old, were arrested yesterday and sent to Woodbury in default of bail. These young men were arrested on a charge of larceny while the fire was in progress.

The loss on the immense structure will be about $10,000 to the owner Charles Abbott.

Glassboro is now without a playhouse of any description. When the auditorium was built the old town hall was discarded as a hall, and with the exception of a fair-sized room in Association Hall, there is no place for a gathering. It has been given out that the structure will not be rebuilt. The place was the largest of any in South Jersey, and because of this fact the State Poultry Association had selected it for the next convention, but this will now be called off.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 28 Jan 1917
Auditorium to Be Rebuilt

Special to The Inquirer.

GLASSBORO, N. J., Feb. 2. - Abbott & Long, who owned the big auditorium which was destroyed by fire a week ago, have decided to rebuild along the same plans practically. Negotiations are now on for land at Lake and High streets, opposite the new high school, a section that is rapidly growing as a business centre.

The Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia, PA 3 Feb 1917